Schmetter & Associates LLC is a unique marketing boutique nestled in the Rocky Mountains west of Denver. The firm is designed to assist in growing assets for a select few investment firms.  

We strive to provide a profitable and enjoyable marketing solution where investment firms can focus on achieving superior results by time spent managing portfolios, NOT time spent managing marketing.

Highlights of the Core Elements:
    We strive to be very knowledgeable representatives. The same marketing professional knows BOTH marketing and research/analysis. Each marketer can discuss the technical details.  

We are constantly searching for new consulting firms, new methods of information distribution, better ways to communicate, new types of plans/investors to directly target and different ways to market manager services.


We are very selective in the investment firms we are in business with. We will represent only a few client managers for sales and marketing at any one time. We want to run the race to win, give the highest level of personalize service and enjoy working together.

    We have represented over 25 domestic and international investment management firms in our careers. Assisted in closing in excess of $3.5 billion in new assets for prior firms' client managers. Created over 20 institutional presentation brochures. Completed over 9,000 questionnaires and RFPs. Knowledgeable in AIMR verification and compliance since the inception of the performance presentation standards.  
    We are continuously doing internal report cards, searching out better ways to do familiar tasks. We are intensely committed to growing the assets of the investment firms we represent.  

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